The image of a woman’s legs, sitting cross-legged on a chair, wearing black corporate style trousers, black court shoes and two different socks. You can see one foot has a rainbow coloured sock and the other a clear stocking sock. Does she need help with a decision of which pair to wear to work? What kind of decision-maker might she be?

Decision-making. Need help?

Decision-making—need help? Decision-making—why is it that some people struggle with making decisions and others find it easy? The answer lies in your past experiences and how you view them. If you’ve struggled with decisions in the past it is likely that this will influence your present experience. If you consider yourself a poor decision-maker you

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The image of a worried 30-something year old man’s face shows half his face, alluding to the way self-doubt can eat away at you

Help with self-doubt

“The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt.” Sylvia Plath What is self-doubt? Self-doubt is defined as a lack of confidence in oneself and one’s abilities. It is different to self-esteem, which is how you feel about yourself and how you perceive your own value or worth as a person. Self-doubt is characterised by a negative belief

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This is an image of a dartboard with a dart in the inner bullseye. The bullseye is a metaphor for perfectionism and the constant striving to hit the centre of the target every time.

The problem with perfectionism

The problem with perfectionism The problem with perfectionism is that it drives you to strive relentlessly for an idealised, unachievable standard for yourself and others. As a perfectionist, you may not be satisfied with anything less than a bullseye every time. That’s a great goal for an elite marksman, but have you stopped to think how that person became so successful at

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A group of three people interact with each other: one young man and two young women. All look relaxed and comfortable as they talk to people more easily.

Talk to people more easily

So you want to talk to people more easily? Despite what you think, many people want to be able to talk to people more easily so they feel more comfortable in social situations. It is natural to feel nervous when first meeting people or trying to fit into a social group. You may struggle to feel

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Someone is slouched on a chair looking at a wrist watch. They are wearing brightly coloured yoga pants and thongs, with feet resting on a wooden table facing the camera.

How do I stop procrastinating?

  I have spent my days stringing and unstringing my instrument, while the song I came to sing remains unsung. — Rabindranath Tagore How do I stop procrastinating? How do I stop procrastinating? Answer: start procrastinating about procrastination. That’s right, put it off! I’ve been putting off writing this blog for about a year now.

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This is an image of an elite dark blue BMW sports car as a metaphor for the need to road test your New Year’s resolutions.

Tips for road testing your New Year’s resolutions

Road test your New Year’s resolutions Did you make any New Year’s resolutions this year? Each year about 50 percent of Australians make New Year’s resolutions. According to a 2015 National survey of 1,059 Australians conducted by, most of these failed (58 percent), with 15 percent breaking their resolution by the end of March

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We all experience Xmas stress. A cute Spaniel in a Santa suit lies spent next to a wine glass, the day after his Xmas outing.

Xmas stress? What you can and can’t do about the family

What is Xmas stress? Xmas is supposed to be a time of joy, goodwill, peace and relaxation, right? That’s a lot of expectations! We might be setting ourselves up for disappointment. Or maybe you already expect the worst? What’s the movie playing in your head about Xmas day? Are you experiencing Xmas stress already? For

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A young man throws his head back in laughter, carefree and confident.

Build confidence with coaching

How to build confidence? I have chosen this title rather than ‘How to gain confidence’ or ‘How to be confident’. Why? Because I believe we all have the foundations of our own confidence. Confidence is not something outside ourselves that we need to acquire, or an action we can take without truly understanding ourselves. Firstly, we

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A sculptured candle providing glimpses of light through its body as its layers uncoil towards the apex, allowing the light to shine brightest. This is a metaphor for striving towards self-actualisation.

Self-awareness and change are inextricably linked

Self-awareness “What is necessary to change a person is to change his/her awareness of himself/herself” (Abraham Maslow). Self-awareness and change are inextricably linked. Who was Maslow and what did he mean? Maslow was the founder of the humanist movement in psychology, which evolved in the 1940s and 50s. It emphasised each individual’s unique capacity for personal

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A couple are having a fight, the young woman with boxing gloves, connects with her male partner’s chin, who pulls a face as if in pain, with his eyes closed. He wears a khaki coloured shirt and a straw hat and she a black and white pokadot dress, both in their mid 30’s. The image suggests there is a different way of resolving arguments through couples counselling.

Tired of the same old arguments?

Tired of the same old arguments? Do you want things to be different? If you’re tired of the same old arguments, here is one winning strategy for getting your point across without hurting your partner or yourself. Firstly, you need to let go of the need to be right. It is a losing strategy that can

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