Depression, fame and fortune

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What can I do when the pressures build?

Depression, fame and fortune

Depression, fame and fortune? I was interviewed for an article in the Australian Financial Review on how the rich and famous may be more at risk of suffering from depression than other people.

I got the call from the journalist the day after James Packer shared publically that he struggles with depression. A few days later, he checked himself into a very expensive private clinic. Perhaps treatment options are more accessible for the rich? But if you’re famous as well, you won’t want everyone to know you’re in rehab, right?

The gist of this article was that high profile people might have more expectations placed on them and link their self-esteem to financial success. They may experience more isolation or not get enough private space to do the normal things in life, and to reset the mind and body.

How does it affect you when high profile people share their stories? Do you stop and listen? Does it somehow make your own experience more legitimate? Is it encouraging to know that high profile people can share something deeply personal about depression, fame and fortune? Does it encourage us to talk more freely to others about our own experiences?

My personal view is that depression does not discriminate. 20 per cent of Australians experience a depressive episode in their lifetime. It is helpful when high profile people share their stories, and when more people open up with those they trust about how they are feeling.

Tips on what to do when the pressures build

  1. Assess what the pressures are for you
  2. What makes those things worse? (others’ expectations or your own? Difficult personalities at work? Your boss’s leadership style? Workload?
  3. Are there some things you could do to address the things that make it worse?
  4. How do you reset? Program that in.
  5. Get help from a health care professional early on.

Hopefully, this article will get you thinking about what support or strategies you need to put in place when the pressures build.

Here is a link to the article. Happy reading!

If you are concerned about depression and what what to do when the pressures build, it is advisable to seek help early and contact a mental health professional. Australian numbers are provided below.

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