Sydney counsellor AND life coach

Sydney counsellor and life coach


Sydney counsellor, Linda Magson is  experienced and qualified both as a counsellor and an accredited life coach. She is also an accredited clinical supervisor for counsellors.

Linda holds postgraduate qualifications in counselling, psychology, social communications, education and music (some of her passions).

In her own life Linda has made satisfying career and life transitions. From musician and educator, to counsellor and life coach. Linda always follows her interests and passions. As someone who suffered from anxiety and depression for many years, she knows the value of actively balancing life’s demands and looking after yourself mentally, physically and emotionally.

As a counsellor and life coach over the past 16 years, Linda finds the best part of her job is the pleasure of working with a diverse range of people to help them change their lives in positive ways. She enjoys the process of working creatively with the issues individuals and couples bring. Linda has helped people successfully grow their careers and realise their life goals and ambitions. to create a freer, happier life.

Her clients comment that they value her insights and pragmatic approach. She supports, guides and knows how to challenge them at the right time.

Linda is a Clinical Member of the National Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia (PACFA), a peak national body for standards and ethics in counselling. She is an NLP Master Practitioner in Coaching, nationally and internationally certified by The International Society of Neuro-Semantics and The Coaching Room, Sydney. She is also an Accredited Supervisor for other counsellors through PACFA.

Linda continues to have a life-long interest in education, working in a variety of educational settings and at the Australian College of Applied Psychology in Sydney, where she trained other counsellors over a 5-year period.

What Linda offers

Linda works online with individuals, couples and teams on a range of issues including:

personal development and creativity

happiness and life satisfaction

dealing with conflict and stress

depression and anxiety

grief and loss

motivation and self esteem

Counselling For Individuals

Couples Counselling

Life Coaching

Employee Assistance Program

Life Coaching Courses


Clinical Supervision

Group Supervision



I first saw Linda about six months after my partner died; at a time when it felt like I had been blown apart. I did not know how to put myself back together again.

She provided a safe space to explore things that I didn't even know were issues when we started. She listened, asked questions, reflected what I said in new ways and challenged my thinking, suggested strategies to deal with where I was at, and laughed with me at the end.

The 18 month journey with Linda was intense, and completely worth it. I recommend her unreservedly.

Nicola D

Linda provides a fantastic service.

An excellent, highly experienced counsellor. She is able to offer empathy and insight with intelligence and purpose.

I don't believe I've come away from one of her sessions without learning something about myself.

Perhaps even more importantly, she is able to dispense practical advice which can alter your life - positively - going forward.

Nick K

Linda's life coaching service is honestly life changing.

She has an amazing way of challenging your road blocks and shining light on your blind spots in order to help you continue to pave your own path.

You instantly feel better after seeing her. The power of her guided reframing changes the world as you see it.

I would highly recommend her services, as you will surely not be disappointed.

Maria R