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How do you choose a life coach? Best practice is collaborative, goal focused, responsive and empowering.

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Sydney Life coach Linda Magson offers best life coaching in her office, looking relaxed, smiling and wearing a blue cotton long-sleeved shirt with white zigzag horizontal lines.

Sydney Life coach Linda Magson

Best life coaching is

Life coaching is a rapid growth industry. So how do you choose a life coach and what makes best practice?

Best practice comes after you decide on who you want to work with. Research the coach’s experience. Check that your life coach has specific training as a life coach and can work with your goals. Ethical practice, confidentiality and privacy of your information is important.

Before you have a session have a conversation with your prospective life coach to decide whether there is a good fit between you. Get some clarity about your goals. Best life coaching will include different ways of working that suit your learning style. Flexibility may be important to you if you prefer sessions face-to-face, by phone or by Skype. The frequency of sessions is determined according to your needs and budget.

Training in an associated field is also important so you go deeper and broader in your perspective on the issues you bring. Counselling is an ideal associated field as issues that may arise in life coaching can be dealt in an integrated and powerful way whilst still maintaining or renegotiating the coaching agenda.

Best life coaching is not

It is not about quick fixes to a problem or solutions that don’t stick. It’s not about focusing in on an area and then discovering that the change you want to make doesn’t fit with your bigger life picture. It’s not about advice giving from another person’s frame of reference.

My approach

Collaborative and goal focused, responsive and empowering. My role is to help you set meaningful goals and achieve them. How we work together will be negotiated and trialed, with flexibility and responsiveness being key hallmarks of my approach. I offer sessions on-site, by phone or Skype at a time that suits you. Email support is provided in between sessions as required. Sessions can be one-off or we may negotiate a package.

My credentials

I have National and International Certification as an NLP Practitioner and am a member of ANZI Coaching (Australian and New Zealand Institute of Coaching) at Accredited Associate Coach Level. I hold Graduate Diplomas in Counselling, Psychology, Social Communications and Education.

Work with a life coach who is collaborative and goal focused, responsive and empowering.

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