Best Therapy

The essence of best therapy

Best therapy is a collaborative process in which you will be guided to find your inner strengths and resources in order to deal with issues that are troubling you.

Best therapy is determined by the quality of the therapeutic relationship and a good fit between yourself and the therapist.

There needs to be good rapport and understanding, an ability to make space for you to talk freely and openly, and to tune into your needs.

Best therapy happens in an environment of safety, support and respect. You should feel accepted and valued throughout the process.

Best therapy firstly is about letting you know how the sessions will run and about the confidential nature of these sessions.

The boundaries need to be clear and ethical, and your confidentiality and privacy assured. You set the agenda and we will work together in a way that best supports you and allows you to safely explore areas of concern.

My philosophy

I believe the self is the starting point for all connection.

A right relationship with the self means that our connections with others flow and we experience joy and are open to our spiritual connection.

I chose as my business logo the ancient mediaeval rune for The Self (Mannaz).

It comprises two images –  the rune for Joy and its mirror image, a reminder that the self needs to constantly balance itself.

Life is a process of discovery about the self, others and the world.

This often happens through our life experiences and challenges, and our interactions with others.

Sometimes other people reflect parts of ourselves back to us and we can see ourselves more clearly through that experience.

My approach

My approach is empathic and caring, non-directive and supportive.

You set the agenda for what you want to talk about and we will discuss how you want to work with your issues and concerns.

My approach is to encourage you and provide appropriate challenges to help you find the solutions within yourself. At times, best therapy may mean making a personal ‘stretch’ and doing some thinking work between sessions.

I use an integrative approach that draws on a range of counselling modalities and life coaching tools.

Using my experience as a counsellor, life coach and educator, I find ways of working with you that best suit your needs and the issues you want to work on.

I provide a safe and supportive space for discussing these and exploring the various dimensions of an issue.

You can move at your own pace and I can help you prioritise the things that are important to you to address first.

Some of our work may be values related, as these underpin many of life’s important directions and decisions.

We will explore the habitual patterns that may have prevented your progress at times, and come up with some new solutions to trial.

My strengths are my empathy and warmth, a creative approach and the ability to work alongside you to empower you to make changes in your life.

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