Read what Linda’s clients say about the help she has given them with their counselling, coaching and consulting needs.

Thought for the Week

“Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.” – Socrates

Testimonials about Linda as a counsellor, life coach and consultant.

I have found Linda’s approach to be both pragmatic and caring. She has been a continued source of support and guidance to me and I would highly recommend her services. J.M.

Image of a young woman smiling and looking confident, happy to recommend Linda’s services as a quality counselor and life coach.

Linda provides a quality counselling and coaching service.

Linda has been a huge help to me over the past two years with her guidance and non-judgemental approach to counselling. She has given me the tools and techniques to improve my life and well-being and I now feel confident in moving forward on my own to build on my success to date – something I wouldn’t have said before embarking on my journey with Linda. I would highly recommend her services. L.L.

It was important to me, as probably to most people, that I learn to find my own way to stand on my own two feet again, Linda allowed me to identify on my own terms what I wanted to improve in my life, and to gently tease out the solutions that fit with who I am and my way of thought. C.W.

I have worked with Linda on my personal development for over a year now and over this time we have encompassed many aspects of my life into our sessions together, from professional advice, to relationships, family, stress and emotional management. I not only find our time together productive but very enjoyable. Linda’s strengths are her ability to adapt and flow with you and your needs, her wisdom, and the creative and tranquil environment she creates. A.N.

Linda has helped me embark on a quest for self-improvement and has helped guide me in the right direction over the years. I value her gentle approach and her way of letting me see things from my own perspective so I truly understand my behaviour or of those around me, and in turn, see the real value of change. Her suggestions of action plans are always helpful and there is nothing more satisfying than leaving her sessions feeling lighter and more hopeful. B.T.

Linda gave me different perspectives on my life and introduced me to new ideas – basically she opened the doors to solutions and allowed me to walk through them. It was expertly balancing an individual’s needs of guidance and independence. I have developed into a more whole and grounded person as a result of our time together. S.M.

There isn’t one aspect of my life, of the many that I have brought into the arena, that has not been enriched from Linda’s guidance. If, like me, you are initially wary of entering counselling, let your doubts rest, Linda has a rare and special talent. T.E.

My coaching sessions with Linda have enabled me to find direction, gain confidence and progress my plan to find more meaningful work and greater life satisfaction. She has a gentle and empathic approach, yet challenges me by asking great questions that really get me thinking in different ways. I recommend coaching to anyone who struggles with procrastination, motivation, finding purpose and achieving something worthwhile. N.V.

Linda is a highly qualified expert with a gentle and empathic demeanour. Linda’s professional approach shows a mutual respect for her clients’ situational goals. Her approach of intent listening and seeking answers via gentle questioning reflects her experience and genuine interest and concern for her clients. P.R.

It is my pleasure to recommend Linda to you as a confident and caring person with a wealth of experience and ability to work through even the most complex of issues in a pleasant, warm, exploratory and solution focused manner. K.M.