Alcohol Related Issues

Alcohol abuse and binge-drinking are common problems, with alcohol forming an explicit part of our social lives and reward systems, providing a stress reliever and escape from difficult emotions.

Regular alcohol abuse can quickly lead to alcohol addiction or dependency. It is important to monitor your drinking habits, to make changes when necessary, and to seek treatment early.


Have you experienced any problems with alcohol Abuse?

You may have experienced problems with your health, relationships, mental clarity and functioning, or fulfilling work or study obligations. Losing control in social situations and putting yourself and others at risk are common issues with problematic drinking. You may have legal or financial problems because of your drinking but are unable to cut down or stop drinking despite having problems.

Alcohol also affects how you think and feel, causing you to have impaired judgment and decision-making ability. It is also a depressant and causes you to feel depressed.

If you are concerned that you might have a drinking problem, consult your GP without delay.

What is the difference between alcohol abuse and alcohol addiction?

Long-term alcohol abuse can turn into alcohol dependence (also known as alcohol addiction or alcoholism).

The signs and symptoms of alcohol dependence include:

– A strong craving for alcohol

– Needing to drink increasing amounts to get the same effect

– Continued use despite continuing problems

How common is alcohol abuse or addiction?

Almost one in every 10 adults – two million Australians – suffers from alcohol abuse or alcohol addiction. 

Disclaimer: the information on these pages is not intended as advice, nor for diagnosis or treatment. If you think you have an alcohol addiction problem you need to consult your doctor for these things without delay. 

Contact Linda Magson, Sydney Counsellor and therapist specialising in alcohol related issues.

Please note: You may be entitled to a rebate for counselling through your health fund as Linda is a registered provider of counselling services.