Alcohol treatment

Counselling is an effective treatment for alcohol abuse and binge drinking. Understand the effects of alcohol and stop drinking or change your drinking habits.

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How do I know if I have a drinking problem?

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Alcohol abuse can adversely affect your whole life

Do you feel out of control about your drinking at times or have had friends comment on how much you drink? Do you suffer from the effects of alcohol because of binge drinking (having more than five standard drinks on one occasion)? If you find yourself drinking more than is safe for your health (two standard drinks per day), you may need to think about cutting down on alcohol. If you feel a compulsion to drink, have physical cravings for alcohol or need to drink increasing amounts to get the desired effect, you may need to quit entirely.

What are the benefits of alcohol treatment?

The benefits of cutting down on alcohol use can be life changing. There are numerous health benefits with improved liver function, decreased risk of cancer and diabetes, improvement in memory ad cognitive functioning, and an immediate positive impact on depression, weight reduction and increased energy levels. See my Six Easy Steps for Stopping Drinking in Dry July (still relevant for late starters to Dry July or for an abstinent August).

If you have alcohol dependence you need to see your GP for medical tests, a plan to safely reduce and quit alcohol, and referral for specialist detoxification treatment or rehabilitation. Alcohol abuse would also benefit from GP assessment and advice, with a choice of psychological, counselling, support groups and self-help available.

How can counselling help with alcohol abuse? 

Counselling can help you to understand why you drink and identify triggers that place you at risk of drinking. You will find new ways of dealing with stresses and anxieties and be supported in working through feelings of shame and guilt often associated with alcohol abuse. People become more aware of the negative impacts that alcohol has had on their lives, relationships and work.

How Linda can help you beat alcohol abuse

Linda works with you on your motivation to quit or reduce alcohol. She provides practical support to help you work through the changes you want to make. She works with you at whatever stage you are at:

  • just wondering whether I need to change my drinking habits
  • preparing to stop drinking or planning to cut down
  • taking action to stop alcohol or to limit my drinking
  • maintaining the changes I have made in my life and continue my plan not to drink/to drink less
  • preventing relapse to alcohol abuse
  • recovering from alcohol relapse.

Act quickly for early intervention with a drinking problem before it becomes worse.

If you are suffering physical symptoms because of your drinking you are advised to see your GP for assessment. Alternately, if you want to access a government program inquire at your local community centre or government drug and alcohol service.

Contact Linda Magson, Sydney counsellor specialising in alcohol treatment.

Please note: You may be entitled to a rebate for counselling through your health fund as Linda is a registered provider of counselling services.

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