A beautiful white flower against a black background, a symbol of how being critical can cloud your view of the positives.

Why am I so critical?

Why am I so critical? If you’re asking the question: why am I so critical, you’re probably fed up with being critical but convinced it’s who you are. The important thing to know about being critical is that it is a habit like any other habit. It requires hours and hours of practice to be

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How to keep motivated in winter. A white mug sits on the windowsill, which is chocolate brown in colour. Outside it is misty, raining and cold. There are trees and undergrowth just visible through the fog.

How to keep motivated in winter

Why is it hard to keep motivated in winter? To keep motivated in winter a healthy mind-body routine and mindset are key. It is a time when people may drop their usual wellness routines and put their goals on hold. A ‘winter blues’ mindset may take hold. Some people are really affected by seasonal change,

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This image is of an empty pair of leather shoes on a wooden floor, lit by a spotlight. The caption is a question: Compare yourself with others?

Why compare yourself with others?

Why Compare yourself with others? It’s human to compare yourself with others. We compartmentalise and sort things into categories to make sense of the world. To make sense of ourselves and our lives, we often look to others and compare. We may draw a conclusion that we are failing, both as a person and in life. People

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Depression, fame and fortune. What to do when the pressures build? A man in his 30's looks outside his window on a dull, rainy day. Image is in black and white with a side profile of the man's face.

Depression, fame and fortune

Depression: what to do when the pressures build?  Depression, fame and fortune? I was interviewed for an article in the Australian Financial Review on how the rich and famous may be more at risk of suffering from depression than other people. The article was prompted by James Packer publicly disclosing that he struggles with depression.

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The image of two chess pieces, a white and black Queen, which symbolise good and bad habits. The black Queen stands over the white Queen, which has fallen at her feet. The Queen is the most powerful piece in the game of chess, symbolising the power of habits and how hard it is to break a bad habit.

How to break a bad habit

“You have to decide what your highest priorities are and have the courage…to say ‘no’ to other things. And the way to do that is by having a bigger ‘yes’ burning inside.” Dr Stephen Covey Good and bad habits To break a bad habit you need to refocus on something that is a higher priority

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A young woman holds a cup of coffee in one hand and is texting on her smartphone in the other. You can see her hands clearly and other parts of the image are blurred. Is she addicted to her smartphone?

Am I addicted to my smartphone?

The average smartphone user touches their phones (swipes, clicks, types and taps) 2,617 times a day (dscout, 2017). Am I addicted to my smartphone?  I just completed a quiz on whether I am addicted to my smartphone. According to the results, we are ‘almost inseparable and need to evaluate how much time we spend together’

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An image of a couple holding hands. The people could be in their 30s, both female, or one could be male. The image shows only the hands and arms in the foreground, against a blurred background of greenery and a crimson flower. One person is wearing a long-sleeved, white embroidered cotton shirt, painted, purple fingernails and an engagement ring on her left hand. The other person has unpainted, short fingernails. The image shows connection as a way to improve your relationship.

How to improve your relationship with your partner

Improve your relationship with your partner Typically, couples struggle in four areas that when addressed, will improve your relationship with your partner. These are communication, how to manage conflict, improving intimacy, and balancing roles and responsibilities. Many couples struggle with one or more of these areas. To improve your relationship with your partner, it may

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The image of a woman’s legs, sitting cross-legged on a chair, wearing black corporate style trousers, black court shoes and two different socks. You can see one foot has a rainbow coloured sock and the other a clear stocking sock. Does she need help with a decision of which pair to wear to work? What kind of decision-maker might she be?

Decision-making. Need help?

Decision-making—need help? Decision-making—why is it that some people struggle with making decisions and others find it easy? The answer lies in your past experiences and how you view them. If you’ve struggled with decisions in the past it is likely that this will influence your present experience. If you consider yourself a poor decision-maker you

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The image of a worried 30-something year old man’s face shows half his face, alluding to the way self-doubt can eat away at you

Help with self-doubt

“The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt.” Sylvia Plath What is self-doubt? Self-doubt is defined as a lack of confidence in oneself and one’s abilities. It is different to self-esteem, which is how you feel about yourself and how you perceive your own value or worth as a person. Self-doubt is characterised by a negative belief

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This is an image of a dartboard with a dart in the inner bullseye. The bullseye is a metaphor for perfectionism and the constant striving to hit the centre of the target every time.

The problem with perfectionism

The problem with perfectionism The problem with perfectionism is that it drives you to strive relentlessly for an idealised, unachievable standard for yourself and others. As a perfectionist, you may not be satisfied with anything less than a bullseye every time. That’s a great goal for an elite marksman, but have you stopped to think how that person became so successful at

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