How to stop drinking in Dry July

Two girls laughing in the rain and wearing raincoats as a symbol of being dry because they have stopped drinking in July

Instead of a wet month, try to stop drinking in Dry July

Wine hath drowned more men than the sea – Thomas Fuller

Will you be able to stop drinking in July?

Do you have what it takes to quit drinking for a month? Last year 10,000 people participated in the fourth national Dry July campaign, an alcohol-free fundraiser to support cancer patients in hospitals around Australia.

When people decide to have an alcohol-free month they may need some practical strategies and alternatives to drinking. We all realise the effects that alcohol has on our health, wellbeing, work and relationships so giving up alcohol for a month is worthwhile.

As a Sydney counsellor working in the field of alcohol treatment I understand how hard it is for people to stop drinking for a month. Alcohol is associated with so many social activities – it may be an integral part of the way you celebrate, the way you unwind, or the way you socialise. It’s likely you have a relationship of your own with alcohol and let’s face it, relationships are hard to break up, even if it just isn’t working for you anymore.

So, whether you’re a seasoned Dry July’er or a first-timer, read my six easy steps to help you through Dry July.

Read my six easy steps on how to stop drinking during Dry July.

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