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Counselling can provide help and support with personal and relationship issues that may be preventing you from experiencing enjoyment and fulfilment in your life.

Explore the issues in a safe and supportive environment and implement strategies for change.

How Online Counselling Can Help

Counselling provides support and direction when you’re trying to manage difficult emotions and situations.

Talking with a trained counsellor assures you of a confidential conversation with someone who is objective and has your best interests at heart.

Further, counselling can help you gain clarity and understanding to manage situations and ease distress.

Online counselling is an effective and convenient way of engaging with the counselling process.

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Couples counselling services focus on your particular relationship issues and help you to understand the patterns of interaction between you.

By creating new patterns and ways of communicating, you can experience greater emotional connection with your partner.

How Couples Counselling Can Help

Couples counselling services aim to help you improve the quality of your relationship and deepen the emotional connection you have with your partner.

Learn different ways of communicating with and responding to your partner. Instead of having the same ‘hot topics’ recurring again and again.

It is satisfying and validating to have your partner listen to you.

Many couples engage in destructive patterns that lead to arguments and misunderstandings.

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Life coaching services help you to clarify your direction in life and form meaningful goals underpinned by your life values.

Life coaching allows you to take control of your life, increase your life satisfaction and learn to manage any barriers to change.

How Online Coaching Can Help

Coaching provides assistance with a particular issue or decision you want to explore.

A coaching conversation can unlock some new perspectives and directions.

As a result, you will have a more flexible range of choices and reactions to the same issue. Furthermore, you may develop new skills to bring about change and personal growth.

Life coaching online is an effective and convenient way to engage with the change process.

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Clinical Supervision

Clinical supervision supports the important work counsellors do with clients.

All counsellors participate in ongoing professional supervision to ensure the quality of their practice and further learning. Counselling supervision allows you to reflect on your professional and personal experience.

Consequently, it is important to have ongoing supervision from a more experienced practitioner to guide and support you. For instance, Linda is a PACFA Accredited Supervisor and Clinical Member with 16 years counselling experience.

Read more about Clinical Supervision.

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Employee Assistance Program

An EAP is a voluntary short-term counselling and coaching service provided by many employers. A number of sessions are funded for employees each calendar year. There is no cost to you. It is confidential and private. You choose the time and day that suits you best for an online or phone session. It needs to be somewhere private at work or at home.

How an EAP can help

The aim is to provide you with some immediate help and support to manage any issues affecting your wellbeing. In these times of COVID, people are typically seeking help with motivation, managing uncertainty and change, family and relationship issues, and creating a healthy separation between work and life. 

The benefits include being able to address issues in a timely, focused way with a trained professional. Together, we’ll explore the dynamics of a situation and find some strategies to deal with it. 

Online Counselling and Coaching


Linda Magson provides a professional online counselling and coaching service for individuals and couples.

As a trained counsellor and life coach she is experienced in using online platforms for counselling, coaching and supervision.

Her clients give very positive feedback about their experiences with online counselling and life coaching. You can connect with Linda through her secure online counselling and coaching room.

How Linda can make a difference through online counselling and coaching

Counselling and coaching can help you manage difficult situations and times. Developing new perspectives can help you change the way you respond to a situation.

Taking control over the things you can change gives a sense of empowerment and confidence. It helps to talk through things with a trained professional counsellor and life coach with a depth of experience in working with people.

Here is what some clients say:

“Linda has a gentle, warm, empathic approach and knows when and how to support, challenge and guide you.”

“She helps you use your strengths, and develop your confidence and motivation.” 

“Linda helped me to conquer some bad habits and make some important lifestyle changes. As a result, our work together changed the way I feel about my work, which had a positive flow-on effect to my home life and relationship.”


F/T employed: $160 per hour
P/T employed: $130 per hour
Couples: $200 per 70-min session

Secure payment either when you book or at the time of your session

Check with your health fund about your eligibility for rebates through:


Medibank Private top cover

The Doctors’ Health Fund


Join me in my Virtual Counselling and Coaching Room through Cliniko a secure, high-quality, secure video and audio connection


Monday to Friday 9am – 7pm

“Counselling and coaching can cast light on the hidden elements of a situation.”

Linda’s Qualifications In Counselling and Life Coaching

  • Graduate Diploma in Counselling (ACAP)
  • Graduate Diploma in Psychology (USyd)
  • Masters in Music, University of NSW
  • Certificate in Breakthrough Life Coaching (Accredited Coach Training Course, ANZ  Insititute of Coaching)
  • Graduate Diploma in Social Communications (UWS)
  • Graduate Diploma in Education (USyd)
  • Certificate in Abundance Coaching (Australia Life Coaching)
  • NLP Master Practitioner in Coaching (national and international certification by The International Society of Neurosemantics and The Coaching Room, Sydney)
  • Registered Counsellor (Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia, PACFA)


  • Best Online Life Coach (NSW): Linda Magson. GHP Fitness and Nutrition Awards 2020
  • Best for Specialist Counselling & Coaching – Camperdown. Australian Enterprise Awards 2017
  • Outstanding Achievement Award – Graduate Diploma in Counselling. Australian College of Applied Psychology 2006

Linda’s Training in Couples Therapy

  • The Developmental Model of Couples Therapy (The Couples Institute)
  • Level 2 Training in Gottman Method Couples Therapy (Relationship Institute Australasia)
  • Emotionally Focused Therapy (Fundamentals) training (ICEEFT)



I first saw Linda about six months after my partner died; at a time when it felt like I had been blown apart. I did not know how to put myself back together again.

She provided a safe space to explore things that I didn't even know were issues when we started. She listened, asked questions, reflected what I said in new ways and challenged my thinking, suggested strategies to deal with where I was at, and laughed with me at the end.

The 18 month journey with Linda was intense, and completely worth it. I recommend her unreservedly.

Nicola D

Linda provides a fantastic service.

An excellent, highly experienced counsellor. She is able to offer empathy and insight with intelligence and purpose.

I don't believe I've come away from one of her sessions without learning something about myself.

Perhaps even more importantly, she is able to dispense practical advice which can alter your life - positively - going forward.

Nick K

Linda's life coaching service is honestly life changing.

She has an amazing way of challenging your road blocks and shining light on your blind spots in order to help you continue to pave your own path.

You instantly feel better after seeing her. The power of her guided reframing changes the world as you see it.

I would highly recommend her services, as you will surely not be disappointed.

Maria R


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