Counselling and Life Coaching Services

Linda Magson offers Counselling and Life Coaching services from Sydney online.

Individual Counselling services

Sometimes it helps to talk to someone who is objective, non-judgemental and empathetic to your situation.

A trained professional such as a counsellor works alongside you in order to make the desired changes in your life.

How counselling Can Help

Gain clarity and perspective on problems that may seem overwhelming.

Process issues that are troubling you so that you are free to move on.

Find new ways of dealing with recurring patterns of behaviour.

Learn new techniques for dealing with depression and anxiety.

Build your self esteem and self confidence.

A counsellor can help you to find your own solutions, without giving a second-hand opinion.

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Couples Counselling Services

I specialise in relationship or marriage counselling and same-sex couples counselling.

Counselling can help you work through relationship issues and communication breakdowns.

How couples counselling Can Help 

Working with a trained counsellor can help you:

Better understand typical relationship dynamics.

Map out the patterns that occur in your relationship

You will develop your skills to change some aspects of your style of communication.

As a result you will become a more effective and loving partner.

This will enable you to build more harmony and happiness in your relationship.

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Life Coaching Services

Life coaching can help you achieve particular work or life goals. While helping to improve the quality of your life.

How Life Coaching Can Help

The process focuses on your values and vision for where and how you want to be.

This becomes more concrete through working with your ambivalence and strengthening your motivation.

Tasks and targets will be negotiated between sessions and email support provided.

Life coaching can make a vast difference between just getting by and getting to where you want to be.

Live the life you want.

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Many workplaces provide free access to a set number of counselling or coaching sessions on or off-site.

The aim is to assist you to find strategies to manage immediate issues. These are the things that may be causing you distress at work or at home.

Ask your employer, or recommend this service for your employer’s consideration.

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Linda runs courses for small groups in areas such as assertiveness training, stress management and life coaching.

These are all aimed to help people get the most out of their lives

Sessions can be offered at her place of work or in your workplace or community group.

Please contact Linda to discuss how she can organise coaching sessions in Sydney.

Contact Linda about your proposal for a small group course


People seek mentoring for support and guidance with a range of work, life or career issues.

Mentoring can be used in educational, career, business or entrepreneurial development.

The role of the mentor is to encourage and support you in your development and growth. While helping you achieve your goals.

A conversation with your mentor is confidential, affirming and objective. 

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Group Supervision provides a structured learning experience. It’s purpose is to focus on your professional needs and stage of development as a practitioner.

I provide a safe and positive learning environment in which you are encouraged to reflect on the content and process of your work with clients.

This results in a strengthening of your skills and development of new perspectives.

I look forward to supporting and encouraging you in your practice.

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Clinical supervision is a vital part of your development as a counsellor at whatever stage of the journey you might be on.

A certain number of regular, ongoing supervision sessions are a requirement for registration with your professional association. This is in addition to annual professional development and a certain number of client hours.

Professional Standards

It is important to maintain professional standards and to ensure that clients achieve the best outcomes.

gOAL Setting

We will come up with particular learning goals.  And you will plan the agenda for your sessions using a clear process and contractual arrangement about how when and where we will work together.

Contact Linda to discuss your needs for Clinical supervision.