Counselling service, Sydney

Counselling can provide help and support with personal and relationship issues that may be preventing you from experiencing enjoyment and fulfilment in your life. Explore the issues in a safe and supportive environment and implement strategies for change.

Thought for the Week

“Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.” – Socrates

30-something year old woman, smiling and sitting against a forest background, her hand resting beneath her chin. She is wearing a black hat and a colourful blouse of pokadots. This represents how counselling services can brighten your life and change the way you feel.

Brighten your life

Happy corporate man in his late 30’s, smiling, with his head slightly tilted back, cleanly shaven head with brown and grey beard and moustache, wearing a blue-grey suit and facing the camera.

Imagine there is nothing holding you back

What is counselling?

Individual counselling services provide a safe and supportive forum for discussing any issues causing you concern and for exploring and resolving specific problems and dilemmas. People find it helpful to talk with an experienced professional outside their own immediate family or friends. A non-judgemental and supportive approach helps you to hear yourself and make more sense of difficult situations.

Professional counsellors work within an ethical relationship based on a clear contract and professional boundaries, which protect your privacy.

I provide a confidential and professional counselling service for individuals and couples in Sydney’s Inner West, Glebe.

As a counsellor, my strengths are empathy and warmth, an ability to tune in and really listen to you, and to make a difference.

Logo of PACFA, the Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of AustraliaI am a nationally registered counsellor with PACFA, the Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia. I have Graduate Diplomas in Counselling, Psychology, Social Communications and Education, and a Masters in Music, my other passion.

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What does a counsellor do?

A counsellor provides a safe place where you can be listened to and understood. A counsellor supports and guides you to a greater self-understanding and helps you to make the changes you desire. A counsellor works with you in a creative and collaborative process to use your strengths and learn new skills. A counsellor does not give personal advice, rather she/he guides you towards a stronger sense of knowing the right solutions for you.

Happy young man in his 20’s, holding a guitar slung over his right shoulder, smiling directly at the camera, clean shaven and wearing glasses and a V-necked olive green t-shirt. The image represents how counselling services might allow you to focus on the things you enjoy in life.

Focus on the positives

Think about how you want your life to be Alt text: A woman in her 50’s sits at one end of an empty park bench, looking contemplatively up to the right. A beautiful leafy tree shades the park bench and she looks interested and relaxed, wearing blue jeans, white t-shirt and ribbed white shirt. The image represents how counselling services might encourage you to think about how you want your life to be.

Think about how you want your life to be

How can counselling services help me?

A skilled, trained and empathetic counsellor can help you process whatever may be troubling you. You may feel overwhelmed, stressed, anxious or depressed. You may be overly focusing on what is not going well in your life. Counselling can help you refocus on the positives and be happier.

Think about how you want your life to be. Imagine there is nothing holding you back. What would you be doing? How would you need to be to make that happen? What gets in the way? Repeated patterns of behaviour may keep you locked in to the same old outcomes. Together we can identify what you want and make that more concrete. Sometimes small actions towards bigger goals make a difference.

Contact Linda Magson, Sydney Counsellor and therapist, to make an appointment.

Counselling services are face to face, by Skype or phone, or by walk and talk

Sessions are one hour long, arranged at a mutually agreeable time. At the end of each session we will negotiate the actions you will focus on in between sessions. You decide on the frequency of the sessions and what you want to talk about in each session. If you want to walk and talk in the local Camperdown area there is a nice canal walk that is private, allowing you to combine exercise with a therapeutic conversation.

How should I prepare for my counselling session?

Deciding to see a counsellor can be an exciting and anxious step. It is normal to experience a range of emotions when anticipating sharing your story with a stranger. Rest assured that I will support and encourage you in an attitude of acceptance and non-judgement.

Some things you may want to think about before engaging in counselling services:

  • What is the issue that’s brought me to seek help now?
  • What things have I done in the past to try to manage this issue?
  • How effective were these solutions and why/why not?
  • How would I like things to be?

Contact Linda Magson, Sydney counsellor and therapist about counselling.