Couples Counselling

What Is Couples Counselling?

Couples counselling services focus on your relationship issues in order to to understand the patterns of interaction between you and your partner.

By creating new patterns and ways of communicating, you can experience greater emotional connection.

Couples counselling services aim to assist in improving the quality of your relationship by deepening the emotional connection you have with your partner.

In order to do this, we explore the current relationship dynamics and set the framework for what your ideal would be if this relationship were working in the way you wanted it to.

By understanding and mapping the patterns, we can learn to interrupt the negative interaction cycle and achieve a more satisfying interaction.

You can also learn different ways of communicating with and responding to your partner instead of having the same ‘hot topics’ recurring again and again.

It is satisfying and validating to have your partner listen to you. Many couples engage in destructive patterns that lead to arguments and misunderstandings.

Learn some new ways of communicating to get your point across without hurting your partner.

What happens in couples counselling?

Firstly, the couples’ counsellor sets the scene in a safe, confidential and private setting. You will each be given equal space, allowing you to share thoughts and feelings, without judgement.

The therapist will then lead and guide the session, based around your agenda as a couple.

Most importantly, a proactive and positive environment is established and directions set for future change.

The couples counsellor will provide support and guidance, while setting appropriate challenges.

It is also important that the couples’ counsellor is a good fit with each of you and that you both feel comfortable with your choice of therapist.

In an atmosphere of respect, trust and positive regard for you as a couple and as unique individuals, we will work together to create a good rapport and a productive working partnership.

Benefits of Couples Counselling

Some of the benefits include developing new ways of communicating, deeper levels of understanding of your partner, and the ability to resolve conflicts before they escalate and cause damage to your relationship.

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Couples counselling services

The first couples session is 75 minutes. Before our first session, I recommend that we have a brief phone conversation with each of you in order to individually discuss your needs.

A subsequent one-hour session follows for the purpose of reviewing and building on what was learnt in our first session. Additionally, it is often a good idea to have an individual session each to explore your personal and relationship history a bit more, before coming together for another session.

Couples counselling services are offered in the following areas:

  • Improving intimacy and emotional connection in a relationship
  • Enhancing couple communication
  • Resolving problems and arguments
  • Getting through an affair or crisis
  • Coping with separation and relationship break-ups
  • Help with parenting roles and responsibilities
  • Maintaining personal identity within a relationship
  • Managing anger or drug and alcohol issues.

What should we do to prepare for couples counselling?

You will be given a two-page questionnaire which you will need to complete confidentially.

This will identify strengths of your relationship and potential sources of conflict. You are asked to think about the following questions: 

  • How do you want to be as a relationship partner?
  • Can you identify what blocks you from being this way?
  • How do you want your relationship to be in the future?

What to expect in couples counselling

We identify your strengths as a couple and explore the bigger picture of what you want your relationship to be in the future.

You will share with each other how you would like to be as a relationship partner.

The issue that brings you to couple counselling is explored and each person is encouraged to respond to the content, the emotions, and where they think the other person is coming from with their reaction to this issue.

Ways of repairing the relationship rift are explored and homework is agreed upon in preparation for the next session.

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