Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

What are EAP counselling Services?

Did you know that your employer may provide a number of free counselling/coaching sessions through an Employee Assistance Program (EAP)?

An EAP is a voluntary work-based program to provide employees with support when issues arise and to enhance the wellbeing of individuals in their workforce. There is no cost to you as the sessions are funded by your employer.

EAP services are confidential. All you need to do is find out whether your employer offers an EAP program or whether you are able to choose your own EAP provider. There is no requirement to report back to your manager or supervisor, only to confirm with your organisation that the sessions have been attended.

An EAP is typically short-term, with three to six sessions generally offered each calendar year. If an issue requires a longer-term approach or underlying issues emerge, we may be able to continue together in an independent arrangement, or organise a referral if needed. 

Each session is one-hour in duration and is offered at a Sydney CBD or inner west Glebe location. Alternativly, you can request individual face-to-face or telephone sessions.

How can an EAP program help me?

An EAP can help you better manage personal and work-related issues when they arise from time to time. It is often helpful to explore the dynamics of a situation wth a trained professional outside of your workplace. The goal is to find strategies and solutions that work for you, to trial and review them together.

Typically, people seek help with:

  • Work-related issues such as time management, motivation, conflict and communication
  • Personal issues such as relationship difficulties, health and lifestyle concerns
  • Managing uncertainty and change during COVID
  • Drug and alcohol problems, gambling and other addictions
  • Managing stress, anxiety and depression
  • Trauma, grief and loss.

Linda magson’s eap services

I am a qualified and experienced counsellor and life coach with expertise in supporting people with work-based and personal issues. I have a breadth of experience and a flexible approach to suit your needs and style of engagement. Once we get clear on your goals, we can work in a short-term focused way to create a clear path through how you’d like to manage the situation.

I am a Registered Clinical Counsellor with the Psychotherapists and Counsellors’ Federation of Australia (PACFA reg. 21210) and a certified NLP Master Practitioner in Coaching. 

My qualifications are:

  • Graduate Diploma Counselling
  • Graduate Diploma Psychology
  • Grad Dip Social Communications
  • Grad Dip Education
  • Master of Music

What to expect in an EAP session

We establish a safe, collaborative working rapport. You will be encouraged to talk freely about the issue you’re wanting some help with. Support is provided through the course of the sessions. We’ll discuss how you’d like to be able to manage the issue and develop some strategies to trial and review. 

Sometimes a counselling approach may be more suited to the issue and your needs. At other times a coaching style of approach may be more suitable.

My approach is short-term and solutions focused. If an issue is more suited to deeper work, a referral or continued, separate arrangement may be negotiated.

How do I make an appointment?

Once you have agreement from your employer, they need to send me an email approval for a set number of EAP sessions. You can then give me a call or make a booking directly online at a time and day that suits you. You’ll receive a confidential intake form to complete before the first session, plus a secure link to my virtual meeting room. Sessions are offered during the day or outside of work hours.

After the sessions, your employer will be informed that you have accessed a certain number of sessions. No other information will be disclosed. I invoice your employer directly after each session.

Contact Linda Magson, Sydney counsellor and coach specialising in professional EAP programs.