Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

What are EAP counselling Services?


Do you need help to address work-related or personal issues that may be negatively affecting your work or personal wellbeing?

Did you know that you might be entitled to access EAP counselling services (Employee Assistance Program) for a set number of free, confidential, and professional counselling and coaching sessions?

EAP counselling services provide Employee Assistance for a number of counselling sessions funded by the employer.

The program is for staff to access short-term counselling or coaching for a set number of sessions. The aim is to help you manage work-related or personal issues that may be affecting your wellbeing at work.

EAP counselling services are free, confidential and private. They are voluntary and can be accessed through self-referral or referral by a work supervisor.

Each session is one-hour in duration and is offered at a Sydney CBD or inner west Glebe location. Alternativly, you can request individual face-to-face or telephone sessions.

How can an EAP program help me?

Accessing counselling through your work’s EAP can help you better manage personal and work-related issues. As well as help find strategies for dealing with immediate issues which may be causing you distress at work or at home.

Typically, these may include:

  • Work-related issues such as time management, motivation
  • Personal issues such as relationship difficulties, health and lifestyle concerns
  • Drug and alcohol problems, gambling and other addictions
  • Managing stress, anxiety and depression
  • Trauma, grief and loss.

About MY EAP Counselling services

Linda Magson is a qualified and experienced counsellor and life coach who has expertise in supporting people who work in organisations. Linda’s approach is flexible to match your needs and learning style. She provides direction and structure so you can move safely through issues that are causing you concern.

Linda is registered as a counsellor with the Psychotherapists and Counsellors’ Federation of Australia (PACFA reg. 21210) and is a full Clinical Member of the Counsellors’ and Psychotherapists’ Association of NSW (CMCAPA)

Her qualifications are:

  • Graduate Diploma Counselling
  • Graduate Diploma Psychology
  • Grad Dip Social Communications
  • Grad Dip Education
  • Master of Music

What to expect in an EAP session

A safe, collaborative working rapport will be established in which you will be guided and supported to talk about the key issues and their affect on you, to discuss how things might be different, and to develop some strategies to better manage in the future.

Sometimes a counselling approach may be more suited to your needs and to the type of issue you want to work with. At other times a coaching style of approach may be more suitable.

A counselling approach is short-term and solutions focused. This would typically suit an issue that may evoke an emotional response in you, or one that causes you to get caught up in negative thinking traps, or one that keeps recurring and you may find yourself repeating unhelpful patterns of behaviour.

A coaching style of approach would typically suit people who want help with motivation, time management, communication skills, lifestyle and professional wellbeing.

How do I make an appointment?

You can refer yourself for counselling or coaching – there is no need to tell anyone or ask for approval. Sessions are offered during the day or outside of work hours.

Firstly, you need to find out whether your workplace offers an EAP or tell them you want to access this service.

If your employer does not have this service you can download a brochure or contact Linda for a brochure.

Your employer will be informed that one of their employees (no identifying information) has requested an EAP session and we will agree on a set number of sessions to be funded by your employer. The service is confidential. No identifying personal information will be disclosed to your employer.

Contact Linda Magson, Sydney counsellor specialising in professional EAP programs.