What is life coaching?

Life coaching services help you to clarify your direction in life and form meaningful goals underpinned by your life values. Life coaching allows you to take control of your life, increase your life satisfaction and learn to manage any barriers to change.

Effective life coaching services provide a structured, professional and contractual arrangement to assist you in achieving your goals and make desired changes in your life. It is a collaborative and supportive process that guides you to practical solutions that are right for you. A Life coach is a creative thinking partner, motivator and guide.

A Life coach is generally trained in working with people, in communication, education, in counselling or psychology, and/or in life coaching. Life coaches work with your individual values, strengths and beliefs. An experienced and qualified life coach does not give advice from her/his own frame of reference but helps you to make meaningful goals in your life.

Why life coaching?

Life coaching services can improve your personal wellbeing, resilience and optimism. When you focus on your wellbeing, you build resilience.

Developing an optimistic attitude is a key to your happiness. When you clarify your values and identify what truly motivates you, change happens.

Life coaching can help you achieve personal change and become more confident and self assured.

Life coaching services

Life coaching services provide an array of bespoke services to suit your needs, such as Confidence coaching, Self esteem coaching or Motivation coaching.

As a life coach, I am committed to helping you make the changes you desire in your life. I respect your autonomy and unique life experiences without imposing my own values and beliefs. We will use questions to draw out the hidden motivations within you and help you to bring about the changes you desire.

I am an Accredited Associate Life Coach of the Australian and New Zealand Institute of Coaching I provide professional life coaching services for individuals in Sydney’s Inner West, Glebe, or by Skype or telephone from various locations..

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Preparation for your first life coaching session

What is important to your life satisfaction?

When people talk about wanting balance in their lives, they generally identify 8-10 areas as being important. You can use the following list as a springboard for some areas or add your own 

  • Family
  • Friends
  • Relationship
  • Alone time
  • Health
  • Finances
  • Physical environment
  • Romance and intimacy
  • Fun & recreation
  • Career
  • Education
  • Creativity
  • Life purpose
  • Spiritual alignment.

As a preparation for life coaching, I suggest you complete your own wheel of life satisfaction. Here is a completed example. Notice each area is given a different proportion of the pie chart, according to how important it is to you. Add your own areas of life satisfaction.

Wheel of Life Infographic used in Individual Life Coaching Services to rate satisfaction in 8 areas of life. The wheel is labeled 'Fun and Recreation, Career, Finances, Health, Friends, Education, Life Purpose, Romance and Intimacy'

Wheel of Life

Consider the overall balance of your wheel. Does it look and feel balanced? Rate your current level of satisfaction with each area by colouring in the area to show your level of current satisfaction. Give each area a number, according to your current level of satisfaction. Consider the center of the wheel to be a zero (the lowest score) and the outer edge to be a 10 (the highest level of satisfaction).

Is there an area you would like to focus on that would impact on your happiness and life satisfaction? Increase your life satisfaction and learn to manage any barriers to achieving your desired goals.

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