Experience some of the benefits of a life coaching, counselling or supervision course in a small group of up to six people. A series of 90-120-minute sessions can be offered over an eight-week period, with a session each fortnight. The agenda is negotiated around your group’s needs. Small group and paired activities will be designed to enhance your learning experience.

Life coaching courses

Life coaching helps you to create a valued direction and positive change in an area of your life. Develop a clear vision of the change you want to make and we will work out how you get ‘stuck’ and how to release yourself from that. We will create some exercises to create a new path through these things and a plan to help you achieve positive change.

The course content will be determined by the group’s needs and the types of common ‘roadblocks’ that may be experienced. Core concepts will include working with your values, enhancing motivation, developing a plan and the ability to carry it out. Procrastination is a common stumbling block for people, so we will tackle that as well.

The course outcomes will depend on how ready you are to make the change you desire and the time you are prepared to put in between our sessions. 

Experience some of the benefits of life coaching in a small group setting.

Preparation for life coaching

Let’s asses the current picture of your life as it is now. Complete these steps:

  • What things are important to you that you want to keep?
  • Which things do you want to change? 
  • What priorities do you give these things? Order these things from the things you most want to change to the things you least want to change.
  • Now list the things you want to change in a different order, with the things that would be the easiest to change first.
  • Look at both lists. What is one change you are ready to make now that would make a difference? Make this your priority.

If you need help to do this, see the wheel of life satisfaction.

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Contact Linda Magson, Sydney life coach, to inquire about or enrol in a Life coaching course or ask about Individual life coaching.