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Build confidence with coaching

How to build confidence? I have chosen this title rather than ‘How to gain confidence’ or ‘How to be confident’. Why? Because I believe we all have the foundations of our own confidence. Confidence is not something outside ourselves that we need to acquire, or an action we can take without truly understanding ourselves. Firstly, we

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Want more in life?

Want more in life? At a recent Life coach development course I attended on the Gold Coast I was asked a provocative question. What would you do differently in your life if you could start over? I felt sad about some missed opportunities. Held back by shyness, lack of confidence and avoidance of unfamiliar social situations, I realised I wouldn’t

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Self esteem revisited

What is self esteem? Self esteem has been defined as ‘an unfavourable global evaluation of yourself’ (Baumeister, 1996). This one-dimensional view is problematic as it doesn’t allow for error, it s very unforgiving of any mistakes we might make. It views self esteem as a trait that is fixed. Once you have it doesn’t leave

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