Clinical supervision – time to stop and reflect

A blue image of a desolate mountain edge at sunset with the words – Time to stop and reflect. Create your quest. An analogy to making a quest for good counselling supervision.
How to find good counselling supervision

What do graduate and trainee counsellors need in supervision?

‘In clinical supervision the central focus is on both the optimum treatment outcome for the client and the professional development and self-care of the supervisee’ (PACFA, 2014).

Supervision offers a broader lens through which to explore issues and alternative approaches.

Early career counsellors typically benefit from a structured approach that is supportive and addresses your strengths. Self-care and reactions to the therapy process are explored in a meaningful way.

What are the benefits of effective counselling supervision?

Your clients will benefit from your ongoing reflective practice. You will develop further insights and skills with time to stop and reflect. Your practice will improve with the development of ethics and feedback from your supervisor.

What makes good counselling supervision?

Good counselling supervision is focused on your practice, your individual needs and those of your clients. You can be yourself and feel safe whilst developing and growing in your practice. Graduate and trainee counsellors need supportive supervision with a trained supervisor.

About me as a supervisor

    • I am a trained supervisor who meets CAPA’s standards for clinical supervision
    • My supervision is also counted towards PACFA supervision hours
    • I am an experienced counsellor with 10 years experience in the field, specialising in AOD Counselling
    • I am an experienced educator who works with trainee counsellors at ACAP
    • And, I can help you with professional and ethical issues, having served as a member of CAPA’s ethics committee (2009 and 2010) and as Vice-president of CAPA NSW.

What do I offer as a supervisor for early career counsellors?

I offer affordable individual or group sessions that meet your individual supervision needs. Supervision sessions can also be arranged via phone or Skype.

I’m willing to share resources and approaches to growing your practice. I also run training workshops in business skills for counsellors and offer phone support in between supervision sessions.

It is important that you feel connected with others in your profession and I can help you with establishing connections. I have a keen interest in helping graduate and trainee counsellors in your quest for good supervision.

Take the time to stop and reflect.

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Contact Linda Magson, Sydney counsellor specialising in quality supervision for early career counsellors.