Want more in life?

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Live your dreams.

At a recent Life coach development course I attended on the Gold Coast I was asked a provocative question. What would you do differently if you could start over?

I felt sad about some missed opportunities. Held back by shyness, lack of confidence and avoidance of unfamiliar social situations. I realised I wouldn’t get these opportunities back. For example, I would have loved to go to Jakarta with a new friend I made under a tree in Bali, and sailed in the Sydney to Hobart yacht race, or visited a friend in a remote Aboriginal community.

What would it have required? More confidence and belief in myself, and practice in unfamiliar social situations. Perhaps seeing a Life coach may have helped if such a concept existed then?

On the positive side, I had enough confidence in other areas of my life, such as my career, my personal fitness and maintaining close relationships. I can see that my growth was possible due to my belief in people’s ability to change and develop themselves.

The things that became clear through the exercise I completed, were that the choices I made in life which had led me to be where I am now, happy, connected with friends and saying yes to more social opportunities.

So, I ask the same question of you. Want more in life? What would you do differently if you could start over and why?

With a coach as your thinking partner, the options will open up and you will be able to acknowledge the strengths and opportunities for growth and change.

Three benefits of coming to see me as a Sydney Life coach

1. I am a creative thinking partner who can inspire and challenge you

2. I believe you have the answers within you, which may need drawing out and made more concrete

3. I can help you remove the blocks and create more in life

I was touched to receive this testimonial from a fellow Life coach who I had coached throughout the week’s intensive course.

Linda is an amazing life coach and has rich experience in counselling. She is excellent at facilitating people’s discovery of their own solutions, through the right questions at the right time. Linda is empathic, loving and encouraging! She keeps learning and applying different approaches to help clients and make their dreams come true! (Sandy)

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